Wednesday Night MTB Races

Fun, Family, Friends, Fast
May 8 to Aug 28 at Hardwood Ski and Bike

29 years as Ontario’s longest running and most popular weekly series!

Whether a returning or new rider, an experienced or new racer, we welcome you to the Hardwood Wednesday Night MTB Races. You can enter just one race, do a few, or the whole series. We welcome all ages and abilities, and are dedicated to providing the most fun and family oriented experience!

The Wednesday Night Races will open with a Preview and Registration Night on May 1st. Come pick up your number plate, in a more leisurely fashion, and then go for a spin on your favorite (or soon to be favorite), course.  After that, Wednesday nights beginning May 8th through to Aug 28th, we host a 17 week Mountain Bike race series, starting at 7 pm each week.

This is our longest running event which draws the greatest number of riders, from young children participating in their first race experience, to some of the best in Canada.  Each week you choose your race course which can vary from the shorter and easier 6 km Fun course (or 2.5 km SprocKids Trail), to the highly technical 15 km Radical course with lots of climbing.

Online Entry – Click Here

Single Night Entry will open online until 5:00 pm Wednesday.
There is a limit of 250 riders each week, so register online in advance to ensure your spot! Late entry only permitted for those already having a 2024 plate.
Enter the Series and get 17 races for the price of 12 and a Free Wednesday Night T-shirt*

You can choose the course for yourself each night.
• Sprockids Trail – 2.5 km (mostly for young kids)
• Fun Trail – 6 km
• Crank’d Trail – 8 km
• Sidewinder Trail – 6 km
• Serious Trail – 10.5 km
• Gnarly Trail – 12 km
• Radical Trail – 15 km

Weekly Prizes:
Each night the fastest male and female on each course will receive a prize. (An individual can only win a prize once during the series on each course. The prize will go to the next rider eligible for that course).
In addition to the Weekly prizes, there are a minimum of 2 Draw Prizes each night, as well as a draw for Smith Sport Optics and Fox Racing prizes.
Each night we will also draw for a Rockwater Wealth custom jersey, which also qualifies the winner for the Grand Draw Prize at the end of the series.

Series Prizes:

Points are awarded each night and count toward point totals for your age category. Prizes are awarded at the end of the season based on the best 14 of 17 races. Riders must have finished 12 races to count toward overall prizes. See points structure below.
See past Wednesday Night Series Winners here Historical Wed Night Series Overall

Wednesday Night Series Fees:
• $292.95 plus tax for Series – ages 20 yrs and over
• $229.90 plus tax for Series – ages 13 to 19 yrs
• $196.50 plus tax for Series – ages 12 yrs and under
• Series Fees include entry to all 17 races, a FREE Wed Night T-shirt* and Meal ticket for the Finale Night.
• 10% Family Discount for three or more series registration from same family.
*OC licence or permit not required

Wednesday Night Fees – One night (spots may be limited):
• $24.40/night plus tax – ages 20 yrs and over
• $19.15/night plus tax – ages 13 to 19 yrs
• $16.35/night plus tax – ages 12 yrs and under
• $4.00 Plate Fee – required once per year, keep plate for the season
• Nightly Fees include Trail Pass after 3:00 pm
• Onsite late entry after 1:00 pm, add $2.00 late fee
**OC licence or permit not required

Thanks to our 2024 Supporting Nightly Sponsors:
• Trek Store – Barrie, May 15, July 24, Aug 28
• Bikeland – Barrie, May 8, July 3
• Crank & Sprocket – Orillia, May 22, July 10
• Velocity BikeWerx, May 29, July 17
• The Bike Stop – Orillia, June 5, July 30,
• Giant Barrie – Barrie, June 12,
• Kamikaze – Collingwood, June 19, Aug 14
• Total Sports – Midland, June 26, Aug 21
• Simcoe County Mountain Bike Club SCMBC – Aug 7

Thanks to our Weekly Draw Sponsors:
• Smith Sport Optics
• Fox Racing
• Rockwater Wealth Management

Points System for Overall Series Prizes Course
Bonus Points:
• Sprockid’s Trail 2.5 km – (-20) Bonus Points
• Fun Course 6 km  – 5 Bonus Points
• Crank’d Course 6 km – 15 Bonus Points
• Sidewinder Course 5 km – 23 Bonus Points
• Serious Course 10.5 km – 23 Bonus Points
• Gnarly Course 12 km – 35 Bonus Points
• Radical Course 15 km – 43 Bonus Points

The winner of each of the courses each night, gets 100 points for winning (except Sprockid’s Trail which is 75 points) plus the appropriate Bonus Points.
Each rider finishing the course then gets percentage points based on the winner’s time plus the appropriate Bonus Points.
For example, John Doe wins the Fun Course in a time of 19:26. His points would be 100 points for winning plus 5 Bonus Points totalling 105 points. Jack Smith comes second on the Fun Course in a time of 20:00. His time is 96% of the winning time so he gets 96 points plus 5 Bonus Points totalling 101 points.
Each of these riders’ points total then gets applied to their specific age group on a weekly basis and the best 14 of 17 weeks will count. These points will then be totalled for the overall awards to be given out on the final night. A rider must complete a minimum of 12 races to be eligible for an Overall Series Award.

*Free series T-shirt for pre-entry of series by April 17th.

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