Sept 19 Fall Epic 8 update

There are many questions as to new restrictions imposed by Ontario regarding social gatherings.
The Fall Epic 8 Hour is not considered a social gathering, as it is a solo or team (max 4 riders) riding challenge. There are no new restrictions to riders allowed to be at Hardwood. Please see link for information:
We do want to stress the importance of each person following proper COVID protocol, with mask wearing, hand sanitizing and physical distancing from those outside your social bubble. Solo or Teams are not to bring extra friends or family.
Riders are not to group up on trail and maintain appropriate distance if passing or being passed by other riders.
All riders and support must maintain physical distance from anyone outside their social bubble.
If you are not comfortable attending we understand and support your personal decision.
We will continue to communicate if there are any changes to the situation regarding the Fall Epic 8 Hour.
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